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Snowshoes walking tour

The activity is suitable for: Families with adult children, couples, friends, and groups of up to 40 people.

Description of the activity:

As everyone knows, the first people to start using snowshoes were the Eskimos when the shape of the shoes is reminiscent of a tennis racket. The role of the shoe is to maintain and aid in walking in the snow.

We offer 4 types of hiking snowshoes during the winter between different reserves and according to the fitness level of the hikers.

  1. An easy route in the Tatra Mountains to get acquainted with snowshoes.
  2. A tour that passes through one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovakia north of Lake Liptov Kvacianska Dolina.
  3. The most supervised and sought-after route passes through the north of the Tatra Mountains through a village called Zdiar, where snow is guaranteed until the end of March.
  4. One of the most challenging and long tours we have to offer takes place in the Slovak Paradise, and here it is necessary to contact us to find out if the amount of snow allows a hike at the time you want to hike.

Before starting any tour, you will receive from our guides explanations and instructions to follow as we hike in nature reserves of national parks. In addition, it is important to get information on how to use snowshoes and how to conserve our energy while using them.

This activity is also suitable for larger groups of more than 40 customers simultaneously!

Schedule the route: At 09:00 in the morning, a meeting place is scheduled where you will receive the explanations and instructions, and from there, we will drive to the reserve and the route you choose. The estimated return is around 3 pm.

It is mandatory to bring warm and appropriate clothing and not forget a camera, of course.

A unique and unforgettable experience awaits you!!

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