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Restaurant Makery DIY

The activity is suitable for: families with children, couples and friends, small groups, and organizations. 

Description of the activity:

A unique activity and a creative social experience

Have you heard in the past about a “DIY” restaurant?

Everyone loves the famous cooking shows Master Chef and the like;

now you can try it in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, in the restaurant “Do it yourself – DIY.”

The secret behind the Makery restaurant is to create a social and creative culinary along with experience where any one of you can professionally cook and create the meal they want to eat with family, friends, spouse, or friends from work.

How does it actually work? And why are we unique?

Every guest who comes to our restaurant receives a tablet with an advanced app where he can choose between different route of meals as starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks.

Once we have chosen the route with the dishes, all the ingredients needed to prepare the dishes will be served to your cooking table (a personal kitchen stand), and through the advanced app, clear videos will be filmed with the processes and cooking stages of the dishes we have chosen.

In this way, we learn the quantities and the right process order of the cooking stages until the final stage.

Beyond the unique social experience, we promise to everyone, from amateur, beginners and professionals, who can all enjoy and enrich their culinary knowledge and creativity.


What is the difference between eating at a restaurant or with us?

In the restaurant: you arrive at the restaurant – you order the food – wait for the dishes to be prepared – after serving the dishes, you eat what the chef has prepared for you – you pay and go!

With us at Makery: you come to the restaurant – you choose dishes from the app menu – we serve you all the ingredients – you cook the dishes together – you eat the creations you cook – after the meal, you take with you an extraordinarily unique experience and life experience.

We will be happy to host you and create a unique culinary experience.

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