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Husky dog sleds

The activity is suitable for: families with children, couples, friends, and groups of up to 50 people.

Description of the activity:

If you are people who love dogs, this is the place for Unique winter activity across snowy fields and Husky dog sleds!

We invite you to go on a winter adventure with us on sleds with Husky dogs in the snowy reserves of the Tatra Mountains. During the tour, we will teach you how to control and drive the dog sleds, how to turn and steer the sleds and understand and get to know the behavior of Siberian Husky dogs.

During the initial tours, you will be supervised by our guides, and when you are ready, you will lead your dogs independently as professional guides.

Important Note: Slovakia is a mountainous country, and we do not do half-day tours or all-day tours like in Finland, for example.

Our program is designed to learn the principle and experience for two hours on a 1 km route, where we will teach you the technique and everything else about dog sledding in Slovakia.

For orders, click the following link:

Hiking bear watching tour Slovakia. Explore Tatra wildlife (adventoura.eu)

Then, click on the Dates tab, select a date from the tour list, and contact us to book.


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