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Liptovar Brewery

The activity is suitable for: anyone over the age of 18, couples, friends, groups, events, companies, and organizations

 Activity Description:

A boutique brewery located in the Low Tatras capital Liptovsky Mikulas specializes in the preparation of quality beers with a modern process and the use of quality raw materials.

In the production of our high-quality beers, we use the best raw materials and spring water from the Low Tatras, which is one of the most important ingredients in the production process.

We decided not to be bound to standard styles and we invest a lot of time and passion in experimenting and developing unique flavors to achieve amazing results in the form of a celebration of different flavors and styles of beers both filtered and unfiltered, light or dark, and with a different level of alcohol suited to every one of you.

We believe that beer making is a form of art in which we invest creativity and thought, with the single goal of bringing people together and creating a unique atmosphere and a quality celebration of flavors.

In addition to our beers, you can of course enjoy a selection of local and international dishes at our restaurant which are tailored to the tastes of the beer and the unique atmosphere of the place.

If coordinated in advance, we will take you on an impressive and enriching tour and teach you all about the beer production processes and some of our secrets (to the extent possible).

The tour is for groups of a maximum of 15 people and lasts about one hour.

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