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Route 66 Game room

The activity is suitable for: families with children.

Activity Description:

In a town called Lipatovsky Mikulas in the Lower Tatra Mountains, you will find excellent and unique game Room activities suitable for travelers with families and children. Our game room is decorated in a colorful American style and is located on the top floor of the best restaurant in Liptovsky Mikulas Route 66.

o while you’re hanging out with your friends or partners at the Route 66 pub or even ordering food and savoring quality beer, your kids will also be able to enjoy an activity that suits them in our Game Room.

You can take any concerns out of your heart because instead, there are playground staff to make sure the children are safe, playing and having fun.

Game Room offers a selection of about 50 different video games, award-winning machines, sports activities, billiards, basketball, computer games, air hockey and many other exciting activities for all ages.

In addition to the games, the children will be able to eat and drink at our restaurant and drinks bar specifically designed for children. This means parents can comfortably stay in the Route 66 pub on the lower and upper floor (1st floor), and the children can also enjoy all the activities and even eat and drink and spend a few enjoyable hours.

Please note that you can also hold social events such as birthdays and celebrations by booking an appointment.

Tip: On rainy days you can’t travel outdoors so instead of staying in your hotel or accommodation we invite you to us, and you can spend some exciting and fun hours that are suitable for the whole family.

How does it actually work?

At the entrance to the hall, you will find a machine where you can enter money (banknotes); the minimum is 5 euros, and the maximum is 50 euros. The more money you insert, the more benefits you get.

Once you’ve entered the money, click OK, and you’ll get a credit card with which to play all the games.

On each machine, there is a screen to which the card must be affixed, and the charge automatically drops off your card.

Prices differ from machine to machine because some machines can be played or competed between children or personal games; in addition, you can play and win games and pick up gifts or souvenirs after you accumulate points.

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