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Route 66

The activity is suitable for: groups, organizations, families with children, couples or friends.

Activity Description:

If you’re in the Liptovsky Mikulas area and looking for a good restaurant or a good pub for a night out, by far, the best choice is Route 66.

Route 66 is a restaurant and pub that is highly recommended by many travelers as well as locals, with over 200 seats.

The design of the place is elegant and charming, designed in the style of an American lounge with a large beverage bar and international dishes such as; juicy steaks, burgers, soups, salads and a rich selection of delicious and fresh food at reasonable and logical prices.

Our restaurant is very famous and popular we serve hundreds and even thousands of guests a day, our turnover is very large, so our products are always fresh and of high quality.

To beer lovers, we pour beer in a unique tank method that ensures a unique taste and quality of beer at the highest level possible.

On weekdays from 11: 00 – 14:30, the place serves business dishes to those who want to eat well, efficiently, and travel.

In the evening, if you want to go out with your friends or the group for a night out, no doubt at our place you can enjoy good music, a huge selection of over 150 different drinks and cocktails and a lively and warm atmosphere.

For information about opening hours, please click on the link below:


Menu: https://restauracia.r66.sk/en/menu/food

Note: If you would like to visit us with large groups or social events, contact us, and we promise to provide you with a successful and enjoyable experience.

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