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Velicka Rafts Sailing

The activity is suitable for: families, couples, friends, groups, organizations, all ages

Activity Description:

Traditional raft sailing in the uniquely beautiful nature reserve Pieniny is one of the most preferred activities in Slovakia among tourists from all over the world. The serenity and beauty of the reserve intensify the unforgettable experience with sights of magical landscapes comprised of cliffs, forests, different animals, and green vegetation, without a doubt it is a must for any traveler visiting Slovakia.

The Dunajec River forms the border between Slovakia and Poland, sailing is calm and memorable in rafts with 12 seats and two rowers, the duration of the cruise is approximately one and a half hours to two hours depending on the flow of water in the river, and the sailing distance is approximately 12 km.

History and origins: As early as the 2nd century B.C., the Dunajec River was used as the main route to the Baltic sea transporting goods such as amber stones, wood, antimony, food, herbs, and more, with the transfer of goods originally being conducted on logs that were tied together and on which the rowers moved the goods, with these logs also being eventually sold to traders in the Baltic Sea.

In 1813, shipping was halted due to severe floods which led to a decline in the transfer of goods, and in 1923 all transfers of goods on the Dunajec River were stopped.

In the 1950s it was decided to preserve the ancient tradition and sail tourists on this part of the river only for tourism purposes.

Note: It is best to book the cruise in advance and it is best to arrive in the morning hours until noon at the latest.

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