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Spa in a cave

The activity is suitable for: couples, friends, groups of up to 10 people.

Description of the activity:

Those who are interested in visiting sites that are not on the list of activities of the classic tourist and loved by the locals, it is definitely a must visit this activity!

This is a thermal bath site within a naturally created cave and to which natural thermal spring water that has not undergone a process or chemical addition arises. The spa in the cave is one of the rarest and most unique phenomena in Europe and is rich in minerals, among other things, calcium that helps guests with musculoskeletal disorders. The composition of the water and the health effects of the bathers in the spa in the cave benefit and help with disorders of joint pain, rehabilitation from osteoporosis injuries and many others.

Another treatment is drinking the water from the outer emanations and medical properties of the water composition and helps with functional disorders of the intestines, bile ducts, urinary tract infections and more.

Water temperature: 42 degrees

Length of stay: About 20 minutes

This is undoubtedly a real treat for both the body and the soul.


Who doesn’t the activity fit?

  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to enter.
  • Anyone with low or high blood pressure / heart problems may not enter



When you arrive in town, head to the spa site and go to the reception .

Ask to enter the spa in a cave called Parna Jaskyna, purchase tickets and ask that you be directed to the place.

It is advisable to take a bottle of water with you or you can buy one at the entrance to the cave.

Please note that at the entrance to the cave there are lockers where shoes must be taken off and the locker must be locked.

After you enter (the doors open every hour / half an hour) after you have entered, change to the swimsuits and all the clothes can be put in the locker in the dressing room (you have 2 keys one for shoes and the other from the dressing room). Once you’re done with the spa, you’ll be led to a rest room where you have to stay for 10-15 minutes and then you can go out. Massage armchairs can also be pampered, for those interested, you should buy massage armchairs along with the entrance card.

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