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כרטיס ההנחות של סלובקיה" מעניק לכם הנחות והטבות בגובה המקסימאלי לכל האטרקציות התיירות, המסעדות, הפעילויות, המוזיאונים, מרכזי התרבות, השכרת ציוד ועוד..

הכרטיס ההנחות הינו היחיד אשר תקף לכל רחבי המדינה ומספק את ההנחות הטובות ביותר – מה שיאפשר לכם: ליהנות, לחוות ולחסוך בהוצאות!

בעלי הכרטיס יכולים לחסוך עשרות ועד מאות יורו במהלך החופשה, בשורה ארוכה של אטרקציות ופעילויות האהובות והמועדפות על הנופשים המדינה כמו:
• אטרקציות בסלובקיה ופעילויות תיירותיות
• פארקי מים בסלובקיה
• אתרי ספא
• בתי קפה ומסעדות
• מועדונים וברים
• קזינו
• קניות
• השכרת רכב
• השכרת ציוד ספורט
• מוזיאונים/ גלריות אומנות / מרכזי מבקרי
ועוד מגוון רחב של שירותים לתיירים ברחבי המדינה
כרטיס ההטבות של סלובקיה,
לטייל חכם, לשלם פחות!

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What can be done in case of ticket loss?

Its very easy and simple, at the registration process you provided an email address, this is your login details It is also recommended to send the email address you register to another email address or save the link of Slovakia card website on a computer or tablet . In cases where you did not save or you don't remember the register email, you can send us an email to:

What discounts can be obtained with a Slovakia card?

The card offers a wide range of discounts and benefits, all over Slovakia and allows savings of hundreds of euros. The full list of attractions and activities for which the ticket is valid can be found here:

How dose Slovakia card works?

Once the registration is complete, you will be able to login with your email address as member with your personal digital discount card. Next, all you have to do is "login", then go to one of the attractions or activities where you can get a discount or benefit, select the service from the list and click on the "Use discount card" button. In the next step, an e-coupon will be received from us which must be presented at the service provider.

How long is Slovakia card valid for?

Individual / couple and family membership cards are valid for one year (365 days) - starting from the actual purchase date. Group tickets are valid for 90 days - starting from the actual purchase date. The digital card can be renewed with a simple operation, by clicking on a dedicated button - enter the card and click on the "Renew" button.

What is the price of Slovakia card?

For your convenience, there are 3 optional routes for Slovakia discount card users: 1. Individual / couple card - designed for 1-2 people and the cost is 10 Euros per person. 2. Family card - Designed for families between 3-9 people and the cost is 10 Euros per person. The advantage of this route is a shorter and more efficient registration procedure – the whole family registers together. 3. Group card - designed for tour guides or tour leader and suitable for groups of between 10-45 people. Such a ticket, is intended for the whole group and costs 100 Euros.

How do I get a Slovakia card?

To get the card, all you have to do is click on the following link or click on the button "Get Discount card". Then, you will be forward to a simple and quick registration page, where you fill in all the relevant details as: name, last name, email and country. After completing the registration, you will receive a access to your unique and personal login account, where you can enjoy a series of discounts from all the attractions and activities advertised on the website.

Who is the Slovakia Card card holder?

Anyone over the age of 6 can hold and enjoy a Slovakia card. After a short registration process which involves providing details such as name, last name, email, and country Each card comes with a unique serial number and the owner's name - the card is for personal use only!

What is Slovakia card?

"Slovakia Card" is an electronic discount & benefit card which allowing you to experience Slovakia, enjoy its unique and the most popular and beloved tourist attractions and activities in the country. Slovakia Card designed for individuals, families & groups and saving you amounting to tens and even hundreds of Euros during your vacation.

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