The activity is suitable for: couples, friends, groups, and organizations

Activity Description:

Banco Casino is a casino with a long tradition located in the very center the most famous spa city Piestany, and is open to its guests NONSTOP and offers a wide selection of games.

Banco Casino Piestany meets the highest standards that will fulfil the expectations of even the most demanding clientele worldwide.

Banco Casino is not just the name of an ordinary casino – it is a symbiosis of classic elegance, style, professionalism, adventure, adrenaline and fun in one place. We provide services at the highest possible level in luxurious modern premises. Our goal is to provide customers with unique moments full of fun and adventure every day that they can fully enjoy.

Banco Casino Piešťany covers an area of ​​up to 1,800 square meters in a historic building in the city center, which also have a VIP lounge. The modern casino offers live games such as:

– Black Jack

– Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker

– American Roulette

– various types of slot machines and Terminals.

If you want to taste new experiences associated with endless fun, the Banco Casino premises are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Exclusive for Slovakia Card holders: click on “Use discount card” and receive from us email with a voucher worth 25 euros which you will receive in chips at the casino’s reception.

The voucher should be presented at the entrance to the casino and it is important to arrive with a passport or ID.

Operating hours: 24/7 (excluding national holidays)

The activity is suitable for:  families with children, groups with kids

Description of the activity:

Interactive kids playground

Experience every profession out there with stations that will take you to the world of firefighters, doctors, pastry chefs and archaeologists. Ride around the traffic playground. Expect some learning along the way, while playing with smart toys.

The activity is suitable for: couples, friends, families with children, groups, and organizations.

Description of the activity:

Rafting experience on the Dunajec River

It is mandatory to coordinate the rafting at least a day in advance

Contact Maria directly and schedule your arrival on WhatsApp at 00421-944-447-798

For reservations, please visit the website:

Rafting Maria is the most popular activity among hikers who come to hike in Slovakia and the Tatra Mountains.

A little about Maria: She owns a sailing company and loves Israel very much and has lived in the country for a long time, and she also speaks Hebrew.

Everyone who comes to the Pieniny Nature Reserve area knows without a doubt that part of the experience is not only rafting but getting to know Maria and being impressed by the warm hospitality and personal attitude, the professional staff of the place, and of course, her love for Israel – we highly recommend rafting with Maria!

Rafting in the Pieniny Nature Reserve on the Dunajec River is a great choice for fun and safe sports activities for families, small and large groups alike.

The rafting itself is not challenging and suitable for all ages; the spectacular views of cliffs, forests, animals, and tranquility create a unique, enriching, and unforgettable experience.

The Dunajec River is a border between Slovakia and Poland; the river water is considered to be the cleanest in Central Europe due to the fact that there are no factories located on or near the river.

Rafting starts from a village called Cerveny Klastor for 9 km inside a canyon that is part of a rare nature reserve in the beautiful Pieniny National Park.

Bicycles can also be rented for riding between the forest paths in the reserve and allow you to cross the border into Poland.

Discount: 10% for a family package ONLY with 7 in a boat.

What is recommended in the area:

Rent a bike and ride for the reserve trails.

It is mandatory to coordinate the rafting at least a day in advance !!!

Contact Maria directly and arrange the day of your arrival at

WhatsApp 00421-944-447-798 , or by email address on this page

The activity is suitable for: Groups, organizations, families with children, and groups of friends.

The best ice cream in Slovakia and Bratislava is undoubtedly the Luculus Ice Cream Salon!

The main store is on the main promenade in the old town of Bratislava, Hviezdoslavovo Nam. And we have 3 branches in the old town.


We are proud that Luculus has existed under family management since 1954, and today it is one of the 50 best ice cream parlors in the world!!!

We are constantly improving our recipes and making new flavors, emphasizing high-quality raw materials and only natural materials. We have a wide selection of more than 170 ice cream flavors, which change depending on the season.


Besides sorbet and milk ice cream, we also offer various vegan flavors made with plant-based and vegan ingredients to celebrate taste and health.

We specialize in ice cream sweetened with stevia, already an integral part of our menu. Stevia is a natural sweetener that also has a lower calorie content.


In addition, we love to make sorbet ice cream, and our secret is fruit, fruit, and more fruit to achieve a perfect and refreshing taste.

Another achievement we are proud of is a survey by BEST Travel magazine about the best ice cream in the world, where Luculus came in an amazing 18th place. This gives us great pleasure and motivates us to work even harder to become number 1.


In 2011, our employee Nadži set a Slovak record – 150 ice cream scoops in one cup. The record was set, and to this day, no one has managed to break it.

Without further ado, we have already said it all, and now we invite you to decide for yourself 🙂



Sorry, this entry is only available in Hebrew.

תיאור הפעילות:

בברטיסלאבה תוכלו למצוא הרבה דברים מעניינים החל מההיסטוריה, נופים, תרבות ועוד, אך כשזה מגיע לבירה כאן אנו מעמיקים יותר לעבר המסורת והתרבות הסלובקית המקומית.

בישול הבירות בסלובקיה לוקח אותנו אחורה בזמן לעבר היסטוריה עשירה של תרבות מבשלות וייצור בירות בוטיק כחלק ממסורת עתיקת יומין משגשגת.

אם אתם חובבי הבירות או שאתם מטיילים עם חברים או בקבוצה אנו מזמינים אתכם לחוויה יוצאת דופן אירוע חברתי מעשיר של טעימות במבשלת בירות בוטיק בברטיסלאבה.

בסיור נסביר ונשתף אתכם בשלבי תהליך הבישול, תוכלו להכיר את הטכניקה שבה אנו משתמשים ולקבל הסברים מעמיקים אודות התהליך המורכב שיש לפעול על מנת לקבל בירה איכותית וכמובן נערוך טעימות יחד עם כיבוד קל.

ללא ספק שהמידע שתקבלו יחד עם הטעימות ועצם האירוע החברתי ישדרגו את הטיול בכמה דרגות

להזמנות סיורי בירות בוטיק איכותיות

אנא לחצו על הלינק והזמינו את הסיור המעניין המעשיר ישירות ממערכת ההזמנות שלנו


על כל שאלה תוכלו ליצור איתנו קשר טלפוני או בווטסאפ

לחיים !!!

The activity is suitable for: families with children, couples and friends, small groups, and organizations. 

Description of the activity:

A unique activity and a creative social experience

Have you heard in the past about a “DIY” restaurant?

Everyone loves the famous cooking shows Master Chef and the like;

now you can try it in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, in the restaurant “Do it yourself – DIY.”

The secret behind the Makery restaurant is to create a social and creative culinary along with experience where any one of you can professionally cook and create the meal they want to eat with family, friends, spouse, or friends from work.

How does it actually work? And why are we unique?

Every guest who comes to our restaurant receives a tablet with an advanced app where he can choose between different route of meals as starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks.

Once we have chosen the route with the dishes, all the ingredients needed to prepare the dishes will be served to your cooking table (a personal kitchen stand), and through the advanced app, clear videos will be filmed with the processes and cooking stages of the dishes we have chosen.

In this way, we learn the quantities and the right process order of the cooking stages until the final stage.

Beyond the unique social experience, we promise to everyone, from amateur, beginners and professionals, who can all enjoy and enrich their culinary knowledge and creativity.


What is the difference between eating at a restaurant or with us?

In the restaurant: you arrive at the restaurant – you order the food – wait for the dishes to be prepared – after serving the dishes, you eat what the chef has prepared for you – you pay and go!

With us at Makery: you come to the restaurant – you choose dishes from the app menu – we serve you all the ingredients – you cook the dishes together – you eat the creations you cook – after the meal, you take with you an extraordinarily unique experience and life experience.

We will be happy to host you and create a unique culinary experience.

To coordinate reservations for groups, events and companies, please contact us

The activity is suitable for: families with children, couples and friends, small groups, and organizations.

Description of the activity:

In the heart of the beautiful Pieniny Nature Reserve, you will find an amazing sculpture park at the end of the rafting cruise;

During the summer months, you can also enjoy local folklore performances (singing and playing) and all this in the Chata Pieniny mountain hut.

Apart from the beautiful scenery and activities, there is a special restaurant where you can enjoy delicious local and international food, fast serving and very efficient.

Since many people visit our restaurant, we always have fresh, high-quality food at reasonable prices.

If you travel with families or large groups, few restaurants in Slovakia can provide a fast, high-quality, and delicious response.

Still, with us, we serve hundreds of thousands of diners a year with record efficiency.

The restaurant’s flagship dish is smoked trout which must be ordered in advance and for groups only over 15 passengers.

If you would like to organize various activities for groups, events, or celebrations, contact us, and we will be happy to be at your service.

The activity is suitable for: couples, friends, groups, and organizations

Activity Description:

You can find Penzion Drak in Demanova village, right after you take the highway exit on your way to Jasna valley. Our stylish and elegant restaurant has been awarded couple times and for many years has been part of the top restaurants in Slovakia.

We are regularly one of the top 10 best restaurants in the middle area of Slovakia. Thanks to first-class cuisine it is being favorite among local people and also among foreign tourists.

Regional tastes dominates in our cuisine but are spiced with well-known international tastes.

We mainly use modern sous-vide technologies in our kitchen to prepare our meals, which helps them to be well prepared and keep their full taste.

We wish you a pleasant stay and bon apetit.

The activity is suitable for: Families with children.

Description of the activity:

Hrabovo Valley, located on the outskirts of the Liptov Valley near the city of Ruzomberok, is a great hiking area offering many activities and attractions for the whole family. In addition to the activities and attractions offered, the Hrabovo Valley is famous for the different types of accommodation that are suitable for families and, of course, also for the central and convenient location for a starlight hike.

Our site, Kingdom of Hrabovo, opened in 2022, and you will find various activities to suit families traveling with young children. We understand that on a family trip, it is important that all the family members enjoy activities that will also suit the little ones among us; after all, their experience is important for the success of the trip.

With us, you will find a range of enjoyable activities such as:

  • Amazing sand sculptures of dinosaurs.
  • An interactive archaeological sandbox where children can dig and uncover dinosaur-like bones (an interesting and fun activity).
  • The largest Ferris wheel in Slovakia, 30 meters high and overlooking the valley and forests.
  • Stage with various shows for children.
  • Children’s animation sessions and various games.
  • Face paintings.
  • Airsoft children shooting range.
  • Amusement park with facilities, inflatables, and playgrounds.
  • Various sculptures carved in wood.
  • Souvenirs, a coffee shop, and many more.

Also, the older children and adults will find a lot to do since we are located next to Slovakia’s longest omega zipline and a challenging rope park.

In conclusion, we have coordinated the activities and attractions in the Hrabovo Valley so that the whole family of all ages can enjoy our site and experience a successful day in the beautiful valley in the heart of the nature reserve.

The activity is suitable for: couples, friends, families with children, groups, and organizations.

Description of the activity:

I invite you to the famous Jasna Valley to the Riverside Restaurant, located in the heart of the green nature reserve of the Low Tatra Mountains while surrounded by evergreen forests and a flowing stream.

Our team of professional chefs and kitchen staff have traveled extensively around the world, bringing with them knowledge, experience, and creativity that help ensure a high standard of quality and a combination of flavors that have been adapted to local and international traditional dishes.

With us, you can experience a gastronomic experience where the emphasis and attention are on using quality, seasonal and fresh ingredients.

In addition, you will find a selection of local desserts that will complete the celebration of flavors and course, a soft and liquor bar.

Another benefit for restaurant guests: Beyond the discount that appears on the voucher, you will receive free parking in the restaurant complex.

The activity is suitable for: Families with children

Description of the activity:

The “Tiny Mouse” Park is the only educational playground for children of its kind in Slovakia. It combines facilities where children experience and learn to connect different activities and interestingly learn the laws of physics. Examples include a ropes park, irrigation arrangements, construction of dams, rafts, various water amusements, a flowing stream, a lake, water pools, and many amusement facilities.

The park has been operating since 2017 and was inspired by educational parks from Austria and the Czech Republic that are very popular with families with hikers and an excellent and interesting activity, especially for small children.

Adjacent to the park, we also run additional attractions for the whole family. Bobsledding or rope park, the older kids and even the parents can enjoy the adrenaline activity while the little ones play in the “Tiny Mouse” park.

We invite you to join us with the whole family to enjoy an educational, challenging, and interesting family experience suitable for all ages.


The activity is suitable for: Families with adult children, couples, friends, and groups of up to 40 people.

Description of the activity:

As everyone knows, the first people to start using snowshoes were the Eskimos when the shape of the shoes is reminiscent of a tennis racket. The role of the shoe is to maintain and aid in walking in the snow.

We offer 4 types of hiking snowshoes during the winter between different reserves and according to the fitness level of the hikers.

  1. An easy route in the Tatra Mountains to get acquainted with snowshoes.
  2. A tour that passes through one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovakia north of Lake Liptov Kvacianska Dolina.
  3. The most supervised and sought-after route passes through the north of the Tatra Mountains through a village called Zdiar, where snow is guaranteed until the end of March.
  4. One of the most challenging and long tours we have to offer takes place in the Slovak Paradise, and here it is necessary to contact us to find out if the amount of snow allows a hike at the time you want to hike.

Before starting any tour, you will receive from our guides explanations and instructions to follow as we hike in nature reserves of national parks. In addition, it is important to get information on how to use snowshoes and how to conserve our energy while using them.

This activity is also suitable for larger groups of more than 40 customers simultaneously!

Schedule the route: At 09:00 in the morning, a meeting place is scheduled where you will receive the explanations and instructions, and from there, we will drive to the reserve and the route you choose. The estimated return is around 3 pm.

It is mandatory to bring warm and appropriate clothing and not forget a camera, of course.

A unique and unforgettable experience awaits you!!

The activity is suitable for: families with children, couples, friends, and groups of up to 50 people.

Description of the activity:

If you are people who love dogs, this is the place for Unique winter activity across snowy fields and Husky dog sleds!

We invite you to go on a winter adventure with us on sleds with Husky dogs in the snowy reserves of the Tatra Mountains. During the tour, we will teach you how to control and drive the dog sleds, how to turn and steer the sleds and understand and get to know the behavior of Siberian Husky dogs.

During the initial tours, you will be supervised by our guides, and when you are ready, you will lead your dogs independently as professional guides.

Important Note: Slovakia is a mountainous country, and we do not do half-day tours or all-day tours like in Finland, for example.

Our program is designed to learn the principle and experience for two hours on a 1 km route, where we will teach you the technique and everything else about dog sledding in Slovakia.

For orders, click the following link:

Hiking bear watching tour Slovakia. Explore Tatra wildlife (

Then, click on the Dates tab, select a date from the tour list, and contact us to book.


The activity is suitable for: families with children, couples, friends, and groups of up to 50 people.

Description of the activity:

An in-depth tour that combines a walk in the nature reserve of the High Tatras and observation of the brown bears in their natural environment.

During the tour, you will receive explanations from our experienced guides and interesting facts about the nature of the bears and other wildlife in the reserve.

This trip is the most popular and interesting trip we provide in the high Tatra Mountains and guarantees each and every one of you a rich and unique educational experience.

After the morning meeting in the village Podbanske, our experienced bear guides will lead you through the reserve trails through one of the valleys of the Tatra Mountains, and already after a walk of about 60 minutes, we will reach observation points with the best chances to identify and watch the brown bears.

In the season of about 4 months between June and October, we make about 30 viewing trips where we will reach the natural environment of the bears and learn in-depth about their lifestyle in the wild. In addition to watching bears, our guides will teach you the names of flowers and plants and identify berries, mushrooms, and the types of trees that grow in the Tatra Mountains.

To book our unique and enriching trip, all you have to do is click on the following link:

Hiking bear watching tour Slovakia. Explore Tatra wildlife (

Then click on the Dates tab, select a date from a list of tours and contact us to book.

The tour duration is about 10 hours, and the degree of difficulty is moderate; the group size is between 2-8 people.

For more details, we will be happy to answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The activity is suitable for: couples, friends, families with children, groups, and organizations.

Description of the activity:

Aqua City Poprad is a state-of-the-art thermal water park and a paradise for water activities, and a year-round pampering attraction located at the foot of the High Tatra Nature Reserve.

In the water park, you can enjoy 13 outdoor pools and sliding springs and more than 350 attractions and various water facilities such as massage jets, Jacuzzi, laser shows, various pools, 50-meter Olympic pools, children’s pools, a luxurious sauna hall, various sports complexes, and a variety of water activities for the whole family.

The water in AquaCity flows directly into the pools from a source of underground springs at a depth of 1300 meters with a mineral water composition of more than 20 different minerals that help skin and body health and blood circulation and have beneficial cosmetic effects. The water temperatures in the pools and facilities are 28-38 degrees, which ensures comfort for staying in the pools and facilities all year round and even in winter.

The site combines activities for families with children and also calmer areas suitable for adults, such as the large spa complex in Slovakia with 1600 m2 of saunas, massage rooms, and pampering treatments for body and mind, restrooms, a Jacuzzi, a drinks bar which are just a small part of the list.

Aqua City Poprad is undoubtedly a paradise for water activities and a must-see for anyone visiting Slovakia and the Tatra Mountains.

The discount apply for the individuals entrance OLNY !


The activity is suitable for: Families with children

Description of the activity:

Polyankovo is a digital art gallery located at the foot of the High Tatra Mountains in the heart of a nature reserve.

Our gallery is particularly interesting and covers an area of about 600 square meters. We present art and a visual experience, and with the help of modern technology that combines virtual reality, we bring art closer and closer.

For example, how does it feel to stand on the highest waterfall in the world? How to navigate an unknown river? How to cross the North Pole without leaving our gallery?

How to get to know and experience our planet more in-depth with the help of natural and cultural exhibition that uses various forms of digital imagery. Screens, mirrors, and 3D projections, combining photography and shadow games.

In addition, you will be impressed by the art of painting, which with the help of phone screens or tablets and advanced technology, the paintings change into fascinating three-dimensional.

After the fascinating tour, you can sit in our quality cafe to rest a bit and continue hiking in the high Tatra Mountains.


Discounts: For adults/children, 20% discount


The activity is suitable for: families with children, companies and organizations.


Activity Description:

Zipline Hrabovo (angular surfing) is a fun and safe adrenaline activity for the whole family which it is located in the heart of the valley of the picturesque nature reserve.

This is undoubtedly a family-friendly activity favored by many tourists and locals as the Zipline track is the longest in Slovakia, about 300 meters long. For example, the length of the course is more than 3 football fields! When the speed of the slide is between 40-60 mph.

In addition to the unique fun adrenalin activity, what makes the activity unique is the fact that the route you are skiing on passes over a lake with impressive views of the water and the reserve forests of the Fatra Mountains.

Because of program restrictions, there is a weight limitations. Anyone between the ranges of 40 and 120kg can ski and enjoy an unforgettable experience of extreme activity for the whole family combining spectacular views.

Note: Zipline Hrabovo is part of the Tarzania Rope parks network and can be integrated into the Rope Park and Zipline.

For information, visit the activity website.

The activity is suitable for: families with children, companies and organizations.

Activity Description:

Tarzania Hrabovo is a challenging rope park and the active sporting site recommended and even a must for any family with children which visiting in the famous Liptov Valley area.

You will find the recommended and longest children’s rope trail in Slovakia on this site.

In the opinion of visitors, it is most suitable for families with children (also, the park in Jasna is ideal for children).

The rope park is located next to the lifts and the Malino Brdo cable car in the woods and is built on trees or support poles with ropes and obstacles to offer a challenging adrenaline activity.

It is secured with a safety rope to aid movement from one obstacle to another using stability, strength and concentration.

We strongly recommend that parents participate in the activity together with the children as part of the bonding experience and activity that brings the family together, overcoming hurdles and helping each other through obstacles.

An estimated time for the duration of the challenging route is about an hour and a half.

The site has 2 areas with different routes: 

– Adult track: Anyone over 150cm tall.

– Children track: For children who are under 150cm tall.


This company operates 11 rope parks in different areas of Slovakia.

Working Hours:

In June:

On Saturdays and Sundays only from 10:00 – 19:00.

July and August:

Open daily between 09:00 – 19:00.

In September:

On Saturdays and Sundays only from 10:00 – 18:00.

n October:

On Saturdays and Sundays only from 10:00 – 16:00.

The activity is suitable for: groups, organizations, families with children, couples or friends.

Ninaj bike & ski is the largest and most professional sports equipment rental company in the Tatra Mountains region, with over 28 years of experience in winter bicycle and ski rental.

Any sports fan who wants to discover Slovakia and the Tatra Mountains region differently is welcome to visit us. We will effectively provide you with state-of-the-art and professional equipment at attractive prices.

With us, you will find high-quality equipment and a high level of maintenance that will provide you with maximum safety and enjoyment.

What equipment can you find with us?

–        Quality electric bikes from leading companies such as Cube, Focus, Haibaike, and KTM.

–        New cycling bikes are maintained to a high standard.

–        Riding instructors who will accompany you and adapt and adjust routes according to the degree of difficulty that suits you (by appointment).

–        Full ski or snowboard equipment rental.

–        Complete equipment for cycling and winter sports.

For more details and costs, please visit our website.

Important note:

Our website is currently in the Slovak language; you can translate the site into English with just a “right-click” on the mouse and choosing the window that opens “Translate to Hebrew or English”.

How to get to us?

Click the Waze navigation button or Google Maps.

Working Hours:

After the site has been translated into English using the process explained above, click Contact and click on one of our rental stations.

I recommend going to the rental store located at the entrance to the Jasna Valley near the OMV gas station opposite the Tatraline Hotel.

Do you like art? Or are you an art collector? If so, you’ve definitely arrived at the right place!

We invite you for a delicious cup of coffee at Viktoria’s Gallery located on the promenade by the Danube River in the stunning architecture and one of the most luxurious complex ,,River Park”.

You will be impressed by a selection of art exhibits by world-renowned artists in the field: pop art, contemporary and classical art.

We change and renew our exhibition in the gallery every two months to make sure that we display quality, unique and refreshing art every time. In addition, we frequently organize cultural events to promote art and in particular artists who are represented in the gallery.

The co-founder of the gallery Victoria Skityba she is a painter and sculpture artist with a colorful and unique style and her husband Emilien Grivel is a well-known art advisor and expert in world-renowned art investments, and works simultaneously in several galleries in Europe and worldwide.

If you like the art displayed in our gallery, we can provide deliveries around the world, including professional packaging and delivery insurance.

Our doors are wide open to welcome you to our gallery.

For your information, in many cases a good art investment can be more profitable than real estate investment!!

In case you wish further details regarding art investments, contact us and we will set our meeting.


Post-Communist Bratislava Tour

Experience this unique private tour in Bratislava by a legendary Czechoslovak Škoda car (or 8-seater van by 4+ guests) through the most intriguing spots of the communist era with our local guide. We are ready to uncover the identity of Bratislava without censorship for you.

Explore a vast concrete housing estate, the Soviet monument Slavín, post-industrial developments, the Iron Curtain border zone and loads of communist-era architecture. This off-the-beaten-track tour brings alive the story of Bratislava in the turbulent 20th century.

The activity is suitable for: friends, families, groups, organizations

Description of the activity: Discovering the unknown of Slovakia !

Fascinating and unusual guided tour of a few hours in the nature reserve forests of the lower Tatra Mountains in an area that is neither touristy nor familiar to the masses of tourists.


The tour will be guided by Vlasto, who lives in a log cabin in the heart of the forests and knows how to tell and teach us the secrets of the forest, from herbs, vegetation, animals and other fascinating secrets. The route starts in a magical lake in the heart of the forests and through the forest trails, streams and fields, at the end of the route you reach the cabin of Vlasto where you will get special hospitality of herbal teas harvested from the forests and many other surprises.


Beyond the enriching information, walking through the forests and magical landscapes, the main point of the experience is to meet a person with a huge heart and endless giving.


Everyone who has been on this tour without exception returns to their home with an unforgettable experience of meeting the locals, on a tour that comes out of the accepted tourist trail with a high and enriching added value.

To arrange a trip please contact us by phone or WhatsApp

The activity is suitable for: families with children, friends

Description of the activity:

A popular and fun adrenaline-full attraction for the whole family, Bob mountain sledding in the heart of the picturesque ski town of Donovaly is set in a picturesque landscape with mountain peaks, forests and green grass surfaces.


The track is 900 meters downhill with 7 adrenaline jumps and 11 curves, but don’t worry because you can determine the speed by applying the brake handle. At the end of the trip you can see how fast you sled and as a souvenir you can also take home a photo from the experience.

On rainy days, the site does not operate for security reasons.


You can find more attractions

– Rope Park
– Children’s Amusement Park
-Electronic Scooter Complex

The activity is suitable for: couples, friends, groups of up to 10 people.

Description of the activity:

Those who are interested in visiting sites that are not on the list of activities of the classic tourist and loved by the locals, it is definitely a must visit this activity!

This is a thermal bath site within a naturally created cave and to which natural thermal spring water that has not undergone a process or chemical addition arises. The spa in the cave is one of the rarest and most unique phenomena in Europe and is rich in minerals, among other things, calcium that helps guests with musculoskeletal disorders. The composition of the water and the health effects of the bathers in the spa in the cave benefit and help with disorders of joint pain, rehabilitation from osteoporosis injuries and many others.

Another treatment is drinking the water from the outer emanations and medical properties of the water composition and helps with functional disorders of the intestines, bile ducts, urinary tract infections and more.

Water temperature: 42 degrees

Length of stay: About 20 minutes

This is undoubtedly a real treat for both the body and the soul.


Who doesn’t the activity fit?

  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to enter.
  • Anyone with low or high blood pressure / heart problems may not enter



When you arrive in town, head to the spa site and go to the reception .

Ask to enter the spa in a cave called Parna Jaskyna, purchase tickets and ask that you be directed to the place.

It is advisable to take a bottle of water with you or you can buy one at the entrance to the cave.

Please note that at the entrance to the cave there are lockers where shoes must be taken off and the locker must be locked.

After you enter (the doors open every hour / half an hour) after you have entered, change to the swimsuits and all the clothes can be put in the locker in the dressing room (you have 2 keys one for shoes and the other from the dressing room). Once you’re done with the spa, you’ll be led to a rest room where you have to stay for 10-15 minutes and then you can go out. Massage armchairs can also be pampered, for those interested, you should buy massage armchairs along with the entrance card.

The activity is suitable for: families with children, couples, friends, groups, companies, and organizations.


Activity Description:

A must-see activity for any visitor coming to Bratislava, a train-mounted tour that will carry you on a fascinating journey throughout the best sights of Slovakia’s capital Bratislava.

You can choose between several tours of different themes and depths according to topics that will interest every one of you, including wine tours, castles, history and culture, and of course tours among the most famous and unique sites of the city.

Bratislava has a rich and interesting historical past dating back to the periods of the Celts, Romans, coronation of kings and queens during Hungarian rule, join one of our tours and enrich your destination and experience with fascinating information.

The tour is in 21 different languages for your convenience.

List of discounts:

Castle Tour             – 2€  from  12€

Old Town Tour       –  2€  from 12€

Panoramic Tour      – 3€  from 20€

Great City Tour      –  4€ from 24€

Must See Tour        – 3€ from 30€

The activity is suitable for: families with children over the age of 12, pairs of friends, groups, and organizations.

Activity Description:

You don’t have to be a professional marksman to have an extraordinary shooting experience! So long as you are at least 12 years old, our team of professional guides will accompany you to an unforgettable experience.

We don’t only offer shooting but rather a whole experience to test your skills and abilities with over 23 weapons and attractive, modern, and state-of-the-art weapons equipment.

The Liptov Shooting Club is among the most modern sports clubs in Slovakia and offers an unforgettable adrenaline-filled shooting experience with professional and skilled staff where the emphasis is above all on safety. Throughout the activity, the shooters are constantly monitored by our shooting instructors.

The shooting range location is in a beautifully stunning environment with panoramic views of all of the beautiful Liptov Valley.

Since we love the beauty of Slovakian nature, we use eco-friendly target materials, ammunition, and of course clay and have even won a prestigious Eco Solutions award because of our love and concern for the surrounding nature.

Without a doubt, a unique and unforgettable experience packed with adrenaline is guaranteed!

Bounce 17  Sports complex and Trampolines

The activity is suitable for: families with children, groups

BOUNCE PARK 17 is the largest indoor trampoline and sports park in all of Slovakia with over 50 different types of attractions, including climbing walls, playgrounds, children’s attractions, and dozens more activities for the whole family.

We at Bounce 17 are happy to welcome every visitor with entry being for both children and adults and of course for anyone interested in enjoying many different sports attractions and exercise.

The area of the complex is 4000 square meters of facilities and playgrounds for the whole family, even for the youngest the Mini Kids complex, Larger children can enjoy and have fun in the Kids Park complex, and older children and adults can spend time in the unique and elaborate Jump complex, climbing area, and in the Game Zone.

In conclusion, we offer a fun sporting activity for the whole family with the latest and most sophisticated facilities available today.

You will also find a cafe with excellent desserts and soft drinks, coffee and tea, and of course an excellent restaurant where you will find a rich and diverse menu that is high-quality and fresh.

For those who know, the owner of the place is the famous football player Marek Hamsik

The activity is suitable for: families with children, Team Building groups, companies, and organizations

Activity Description:

Tarzania is a challenging rope park and active sports facility that is recommended and perhaps even obligatory for any family with children hiking in the Low Tatras area or the famous Jasna Valley.

The rope park is built on trees and support poles, and ropes and obstacles offer a challenging and exhilarating activity, throughout the activity, we are secured with a safety rope and move from one obstacle to another using stability, strength, and focus.

We strongly recommend that parents also participate in this activity together with the children as part of a close family bonding experience, as along the route they together overcome hurdles and help each other through obstacles.

The estimated duration of the challenging route is about an hour and a half.

Without a doubt, Tarzania is a fun and bonding challenge site recommended for the whole family

The facility contains 3 areas with different routes 

– The blue track which is 211 meters long and designed for anyone over 150 cm tall

– The red track which is 320 meters long and more challenging and is also designed for anyone over 150 cm tall

– Track for children: For children under 150 cm in height, the length of the track is 76 meters

The activity is suitable for: families with children

Activity Description:

Tricalandia is an interesting activity for all families and all ages located in the High Tatras Mountains in the picturesque resort town of Stary Smokovec.

The activity is actually a museum of illusions or in other words, art that creates a visual illusion, the art may be two-dimensional however it causes an illusion of movement and depth and nothing is as it seems at first sight. In fact, everything is translated differently in our brain, this type of art is called “trick art”, and it creates a distortion of images that our brain identifies differently and produces optical illusions, if we deepen and use all our senses we will understand that this is a trick and an illusion.

The museum features art from local legends and Slovak icons such as castles, local villages, and an additional 24 attractions containing 15 trick-art paintings, anti-gravity rooms, and the most beautiful mirror labyrinth in Central Europe.

Trick art artists try to fool you as much as possible and you will want to uncover as many tricks as you can and understand how they fool our minds. In short and without a doubt you are going to enjoy a unique and fun activity of illusions.

The activity is suitable for: families with children, couples, friends, business meetings, groups, and organizations

Activity Description:

An authentic culinary experience and a refreshing mix of Slovak, Hungarian and Austrian cuisine combined with fresh, seasonal ingredients and contemporary trends.

All of these are served together to make each dish an unforgettable culinary experience. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city on the colorful main promenade Hviezdoslav with a lively atmosphere of tourists and locals.

The restaurant’s famous dishes are Trafelspitz, mushroom pörkölt, classic beef goulash, Pressburg schnitzel or traditional Kaiserschmarrn, salads, soups, and a variety of additional dishes and drinks.

After the meal, you can enjoy a cup of quality coffee or tea and a selection of traditional desserts to complement the flavors and experience of the meal.

Check our menu:

The activity is suitable for: families, couples, friends, groups, organizations, all ages

Activity Description:

Traditional raft sailing in the uniquely beautiful nature reserve Pieniny is one of the most preferred activities in Slovakia among tourists from all over the world. The serenity and beauty of the reserve intensify the unforgettable experience with sights of magical landscapes comprised of cliffs, forests, different animals, and green vegetation, without a doubt it is a must for any traveler visiting Slovakia.

The Dunajec River forms the border between Slovakia and Poland, sailing is calm and memorable in rafts with 12 seats and two rowers, the duration of the cruise is approximately one and a half hours to two hours depending on the flow of water in the river, and the sailing distance is approximately 12 km.

History and origins: As early as the 2nd century B.C., the Dunajec River was used as the main route to the Baltic sea transporting goods such as amber stones, wood, antimony, food, herbs, and more, with the transfer of goods originally being conducted on logs that were tied together and on which the rowers moved the goods, with these logs also being eventually sold to traders in the Baltic Sea.

In 1813, shipping was halted due to severe floods which led to a decline in the transfer of goods, and in 1923 all transfers of goods on the Dunajec River were stopped.

In the 1950s it was decided to preserve the ancient tradition and sail tourists on this part of the river only for tourism purposes.

Note: It is best to book the cruise in advance and it is best to arrive in the morning hours until noon at the latest.

The activity is suitable for: couples, friends, groups, and organizations

Activity Description:

Banco Casino is a stable multinational company operating in Slovakia and belong to top leaders in the game and poker segment. Banco Casino operates two modern casinos, which are situated in the centers of the two largest cities of Slovakia – Bratislava and Košice. Banco Casino meets the highest standard, which will meet the expectations of even the most demanding clientele from around the world. Banco Casino is not just the name of an ordinary casino – it is a symbiosis of classic elegance, style, professionalism, adventure, adrenaline and fun in one place. Banco Casino is providing highest possible services in luxurious and modern premises. Goal is to provide customers with unique moments full of fun and adventure that they can fully enjoy.

The modern casino has live games such as the popular Black Jack, Baccarat, Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker and of course, you will also find American roulette and slot machines of various kinds. Banco Casino is also the largest poker provider in Slovakia and organizes the largest live poker events. The casino hosts many interesting and non-traditional events, festivals, fashion shows and charity events for the general public, but especially for people who love traditional and non-traditional entertainment. If you want to taste new experiences associated with endless entertainment, the Banco Casino “doors” are open to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

American Roulette
Oasis Poker
Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker
Slot Machines, Video Terminals (Apex, Novomatic, Kajot, E-gaming, Apollo, Synot)
Live Poker – Tournaments & Cash Games

Exclusive perk for Slovakia’s discount cardholders: click on “Use discount card” and receive from us email with a voucher worth 25 euros which you will receive in chips at the casino’s reception.

The voucher should be presented at the entrance to the casino and it is important to arrive with a passport or ID.

Operating hours: 24/7 (excluding national holidays)

The activity is suitable for: families with children, couples, friends, groups, and organizations

Number of seats: 80 seats in the restaurant interior and 30 seats in the front section

Activity Description:

An excellent meat restaurant that is also a favorite among locals and of course the tourists who visit the ancient center of Bratislava.

The restaurant’s specialty is roasting juicy steaks, meat, fish, and vegetables on the grill. Anyone who is a fan of quality meat will no doubt enjoy this culinary and gastronomic experience.

The restaurant prides itself on serving the dishes in a unique and creative aesthetic manner with a great emphasis placed on the quality and freshness of the ingredients and a preference for using fresh local ingredients every day.

Owing to the restaurant’s excellent location on the main promenade of downtown Bratislava, it invokes an atmosphere of freedom, letting you go out for a romantic outing with your spouse, business meetings, lunch, or dinner with friends, social events, or dinner with the family.

In addition to a celebration of food and a colorful selection of dishes, the restaurant has a wide selection of quality wines and drinks that will complement and enhance the experience.

At the end of the meal, we recommend and invite you to savor a diverse selection of quality gourmet desserts created by our chef that will consummate the pleasant combination of flavors and experience.

Enjoy and have a nice meal

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