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Carnevalle Restaurant

The activity is suitable for: families with children, couples, friends, groups, and organizations

Number of seats: 80 seats in the restaurant interior and 30 seats in the front section

Activity Description:

An excellent meat restaurant that is also a favorite among locals and of course the tourists who visit the ancient center of Bratislava.

The restaurant’s specialty is roasting juicy steaks, meat, fish, and vegetables on the grill. Anyone who is a fan of quality meat will no doubt enjoy this culinary and gastronomic experience.

The restaurant prides itself on serving the dishes in a unique and creative aesthetic manner with a great emphasis placed on the quality and freshness of the ingredients and a preference for using fresh local ingredients every day.

Owing to the restaurant’s excellent location on the main promenade of downtown Bratislava, it invokes an atmosphere of freedom, letting you go out for a romantic outing with your spouse, business meetings, lunch, or dinner with friends, social events, or dinner with the family.

In addition to a celebration of food and a colorful selection of dishes, the restaurant has a wide selection of quality wines and drinks that will complement and enhance the experience.

At the end of the meal, we recommend and invite you to savor a diverse selection of quality gourmet desserts created by our chef that will consummate the pleasant combination of flavors and experience.

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